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Welcome to the Dog Dayzz!
A virtual online dog game where you can take care of, train, show and breed your virtual pooch! Breed purebred registered breeds to compete in conformation, or breed different breeds to create an unlimited number of mixed breeds. Start your own line of designer breeds such as the labradoodle by starting off with a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle! You choose the breed, you create the line and compete for the top!

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Purebreds: 147
Designer Breeds: 427
Event Types: 29
Titles: 143
Certifications: 9
Collectibles: 503
Review by Krazy (#7)
Dog Dayzz is a dog sim; possibly the best dog sim that you will find on the web! Dog Dayzz offers so much as an online game, and it's not your ordinary dog sim. You can practice with your dogs before entering them in shows. You train your dogs in different training areas, care for your dog, and show your dog. As well as buying dogs, you can adopt them. It really does put the "sim" in "dog sim". When you play, there are so many different factors to the game that makes it a fantastic experience. It may not be as straight forward as your normal sim game. For example, you have to get a permit before you can own a business, you need to register your dog before showing, etc. Now, there are upgrades. It is possibly the best upgrade I have bought on a sim game before. It adds so much extra life to your gaming experience, on top of all the great things when you're not upgraded. Either way, it's a fantastic sim with a fantastic owner. Come along and join today!!! You'll not regret it!
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