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Welcome to the Dog Dayzz!
A virtual online dog game where you can take care of, train, show and breed your virtual pooch! Breed purebred registered breeds to compete in conformation, or breed different breeds to create an unlimited number of mixed breeds. Start your own line of designer breeds such as the labradoodle by starting off with a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle! You choose the breed, you create the line and compete for the top!

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Purebreds: 147
Designer Breeds: 427
Event Types: 29
Titles: 143
Certifications: 9
Collectibles: 503
Review by Jen (#18)
I think that Dog Dayzz is a wonderful game. The fact that you have to select the right food is a plus. I would like to see more breeds but the ones we have now are good. Also the fact that dogs are cared for like real dogs is a plus.
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