Main Credits
Tobias (#1): Site Owner, Programmer, Site Artist
Hans (#4): Site Artist, Writer
Dali (#62): Site Artist
Tuk (#30): Site Artist
Nori (#34): Site Artist
Copperdragon (#789): Site Artist
Realm (#147): Site Artist
Goku-san (#170): Site Artist
Mystic-Spiritus (#35): Site Artist
Maine (#144): Site Artist
Dane: Site Artist
Kirara: Site Artist
Vicky: Site Artist
StormyTheGoddess: Site Artist
WolfRoad: Site Artist
Krazy (#7): Programming Projects (Tug of War)
Mark James: Icons

Special Thanks
Darth (#10): For always taking the time to look at a piece of code, give me a push to "think in the right direction", and basically mentor me as I learn to code. She has been an absolute blessing, this site would not be possible without her.
Riley and Juno: My girls who have inspired so much of this game.

A huge thank you goes out to the above people, all our wonderful players, and everyone else who have helped Dog Dayzz along the way!