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DD 2.0 Preview: Beagle
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Welcome to the Dog Dayzz!
A virtual online dog game where you can take care of, train, show and breed your virtual pooch! Breed purebred registered breeds to compete in conformation, or breed different breeds to create an unlimited number of mixed breeds. Start your own line of designer breeds such as the labradoodle by starting off with a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle! You choose the breed, you create the line and compete for the top!

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Purebreds: 147
Designer Breeds: 427
Event Types: 29
Titles: 143
Certifications: 9
Collectibles: 507
Review by Catastrophic (#164)
What is Dog Dayzz Exactly?
In my opinion it's one of the most excellently coded, designed, and layed out dog simulations on the internet. I have not seen another one like it, and I love everything about DD. I love that you get to choose the food for your dog, and that your able to have mix breeds.
Also the staff and members here are one of the most friendliest people. The artists, are fabulous in every way. My favorite thing is that your able to change the skin. I think that's pretty awesome. Dog Dayzz is very realistic, and the competions and training is just as if you were rasing a real dog. I like that your able to know if the dog is pregnate, and that you can choose how you want to groom it. Also, I like that you're able to choose between plenty of careers.
So, I think you should click that sign up button, and join today!
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