Terms of Service
By signing up as a member and using this site, you have hereby read, accepted and agreed to the following terms and conditions of use. While Dog Dayzz upholds each member to the Terms of Service and staff exist to enforce the Terms of Service, Dog Dayzz is not responsible for any actions of its players/staff on or off the site.
  • This game was created for entertainment purposes only, and is completely fictional.
    • Game/Site hereby refers to the game/site, Dog Dayzz, DD, www.dogdayzz.com, dogdayzz.com.
  • The Terms of Service may be altered/revised at anytime without notice.
  • Dog Dayzz reserves the right to close temporarily or permanently without notice.
  • All players are required to abide by the Terms of Service regardless of status (admin, mods, artists, donators, etc.).
  • Dog Dayzz reserves the right to permanently ban any player/IP from the site in breach of any of the listed Terms of Service.
  • Dog Dayzz is "G-Rated" with the exception of specified areas which are "PG-13" (No one under 16 permitted).
    • G: General - All ages admitted. Content may NOT include: language/innuendos/profanity, crude/suggestive humor/comments, violence/gore, abuse/promotion of alcohol/drug content, sexual content, mature themes or political themes.
    • PG-13: Parents Strongly Cautioned. Content may include language/innuendos, mature themes, political themes, drug/alcohol content or sexual content.
  • Those players under the age of 13 years must have parental consent to sign up and play.
  • Each member is allowed one account. If a user is found to have more than one account, any and/or all accounts will be permanently suspended.
    • Creating a new account/accessing another account to avoid any suspension is forbidden. Any member found to have created a new account in order to bypass a former suspension will be permanently banned from the site.
    • Anyone found to be aiding a suspended/banned player will be warned/suspended/banned from the site accordingly. Including but not limited to allowing said player to access your account, allowing said player to use your computer to access Dog Dayzz, etc.
    • Account purchases/trades/etc. with other players are at your own risk. Dog Dayzz is not responsible for any missing/misleading information regarding any account. You assume responsibility for all non-transferable account related information including but not limited to warnings, suspensions, etc.
  • Share accounts at your own risk. Dog Dayzz will not replace anything lost due to a shared account.
    • Account sharing is allowed. However, by sharing/giving your password to another person, you forfeit the right to make any claims of theft and/or hacking.
    • The loss of any dogs/money/items/etc will not be replaced on a shared account.
    • The account is treated as one account, and will be issued warnings/suspensions/etc regardless of which player was accessing the site at the time.
  • Shared IP accounts are permitted if the staff have been officially notified, and there is no evidence to suggest the accounts are owned by one individual.
    • Shared IP's must be reported to staff by submitting a Support Ticket including both account ID's, and relationship of the account owners. A report may be sent by clicking 'Support' (at the bottom of any page), 'Submit Ticket', select 'Account Review' and including the required information.
    • Having friends/family create accounts to solely benefit an individual or group of individuals will result in the permanent suspension of any and/or all accounts involved.
    • Any shared IP account may be suspended at any time if there is evidence to suggest the accounts are owned by one individual.
    • Any shared IP account may be banned from the site should the actions of an account on that IP warrant a ban.
    • Up to 4 accounts may be permitted on one IP.
    • An IP ban will be placed should two or more individual accounts on the same IP become permanently suspended.
  • The sale of Dog Dayzz accounts, items, etc for real life currencies is strictly prohibited and will result in the permanent suspension of your account.
  • The sale, trade or advertising of an object outside of Dog Dayzz is prohibited with the exception of other sim game accounts/currencies and art. The use of real life currencies is prohibited. Game transactions must comply with the game site's Terms of Service. All transactions made are at your own risk. Any account found to be scamming or disregarding the previous terms may be permanently suspended.
  • Anything deemed inappropriate by the Dog Dayzz staff such as but not limited to: racism, profanity, sexual content, religious content, political content, obscene or offensive material, harassing, bullying etc. may result in the suspension/permanent suspension or ban of your account.
    • This includes dog/show/store/kennel/etc names/descriptions/notes/etc or any other player inputted information. Action will be taken as deemed appropriate by the responsible mod such as but not limited to the clearing of any/all information, warning or suspension.
    • Harassment is defined in the Legal Dictionary as: Unsolicited words or conduct which tend to annoy, alarm or abuse another person. This may be directed towards a player, staff member or the site (Dog Dayzz) itself. The following will be handled as harassment on Dog Dayzz:
      • Slander/Libel: the act of posting/publishing words implied as factual that may result in the negative image/view of an individual, group, business, etc. This includes but is not limited to public blacklists, etc.
      • Cyberstalking/cyberbullying: including but not limited to making false accusations, false victimization, attempts to gather victim information, arranging to meet, attacks on equipment or data, ordering goods/services, encouraging other to harass the victim.
      • Name calling, teasing, targeting, down talking, degrading, treating others with a lack of respect.
      • Deliberately sending/posting images/content that will either annoy or cause discomfort, including threats.
      • Making unwanted contact; including contacting said player after they have requested it cease.
  • Respect the Dog Dayzz staff and other players. Mods are here to enforce the rules, please listen to them. We want to keep the site safe and fun for everyone. Disrespect or breaking of the rules will be dealt with by the Staff and Mods accordingly.
    • Mods and Staff refer to any Moderator, Administrator or other Authoritative Staff member found on the site.
  • Impersonating a staff member is strictly prohibited and may result in the permanent suspension of your account.
    • Staff Member refers to any Moderator, Administrator, Image Bank Rater, Art Team Member, or other Authoritative Staff member found on the site.
  • No scamming other players.
    • Scamming refers to the act of cheating another player, in effect gaining dogs/money/items/etc in an unfair fashion. Any account linked to scamming may be suspended.
  • No spamming other players, boards/chat or any portion of the site.
    • Spamming refers but is not limited to the irrelevant/off-topic or non-meaningful replies to a post with the inclusion of short replies that do not add to the original discussion and/or character replies (i.e. "XD" or "..."). The following may be treated as spam:
      • Advertising anywhere on the site other than on the classifieds boards.
      • Roleplaying.
      • Begging of any form, including requesting sponsorship.
      • Excess chat speak.
      • Posting in exessive caps. Excessive caps refers to the use of any number of capital letters exceeding those grammatically required.
    • Flooding refers but is not limited to the continuous making of replies or threads that are the same or similar within short periods of time.
  • By purchasing pawprintz from Dog Dayzz you are confirming that the money is yours to give. No refunds will be given under any circumstances. A paypal chargeback will result in the immediate suspension of your account.
    • Currently only CAD via Paypal is accepted as a valid purchase. (Subject to change without notice.)
    • Any credit discrepancies must be noted via an email to admin@dogdayzz.com within 5 days of the purchase being made.
  • Any and all bugs must be reported via the “Bugs” message board found under “Speak”. Any player found to be using a bug to his/her advantage will be permanently banned from the site. Any form of profit including but not limited to money, items, dogs, etc. will be removed from any/all accounts involved (including account transfers).
  • Never give out any of your personal information such as but not limited to: name, address, phone number, login name, password, etc. Dog Dayzz staff will never ask for this information. Please report any suspicious inquiries to the Mods.
  • You agree to allow Dog Dayzz to collect your IP address, and time while accessing the site.
  • The use of external scripts for the purpose of exploiting the game is strictly prohibited and will result in you being permanently banned from the site, including auto refreshers.
  • All text, coding and images found on Dog Dayzz are copyrighted to the site (www.dogdayzz.com) and can not be used, edited, reproduced, or claimed as one's own in any way.
  • Tags have a maximum size of 150x150 pixels.
    • Tag refers to any image used as an avatar anywhere on the site. The use of avatars in your name has been disabled. Please use the appropriate "Tag" field for your avatar.
  • Dog images have a maximum size of 500x500 pixels.
    • Dog images refer to any image placed on your dog's page.
  • Post images have a maximum size of 450x450 pixels.
    • Post images refer to any image placed on one of the forum boards.
  • Dog Dayzz is not responsible for any third party links, images, text, etc. and the corresponding content which may include offensive or inappropriate material, viruses, etc. Viewing/following any player posted links/images/content/etc. is at your own risk.
  • All information, material or data you provide to dogdayzz.com through the use of this website including without limitation any comments, remarks, suggestions, questions, ideas, images, graphics, will become the property of the dogdayzz.com without compensation to you, however you will remain legally responsible for whatever you submit including without limitation its legality, reliability, and copyright. You waive any and all moral rights in any submission to dogdayzz.com through the use of this License Agreement.
  • Image Bank submissions must be between 250x250 pixels and 500x500 pixels. All submissions must be your own work (traditional or digital). Photographs, altered photographs (including manipulations), images that are traced, stolen, submitted to another site, etc. will not be accepted and may result in disciplinary action. A limit of 10 images per line art is allowed, lines may only be submitted for one breed. Collaborations are allowed as long as both parties are properly credited.
  • Inactive Bronze Bone accounts will be deleted after 6 months of inactivity.
  • New Accounts not activated after 5 days will be deleted.

  • Please read this License Agreement carefully before using or accessing the contents of this website. By accessing or using this website you agree to be bound by this License Agreement. If you do not intend to be bound by these terms and conditions, you may not access or use this website.

  • dogdayzz.com ("Dog Dayzz") reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove any or all of the terms and conditions of this License Agreement at any time without any further notice to you. You agree to review this website and License Agreement periodically and your continued use of this website shall be deemed to be your acceptance of these changes, modifications, additions or removals. This provision shall survive this Agreement.
2. USE
  • Upon your agreeing with the terms and conditions of this License Agreement Dog Dayzz grants you a limited, revocable, non-royalty, non-exclusive and non-transferable license to access this website for your own personal use. Any and all content of your listing or account including all information, data, postings, messages, text, files, pictures, images, sounds, video, or other material ("Listing Content") shall be your sole responsibility and you shall be responsible for any and all Listing Content, in whole or part. Dog Dayzz shall not control or be responsible for any Listing Content. You agree that by using this website you may be exposed to Listing Content that is offensive, derogatory, inaccurate, misleading or otherwise objectionable and that this website may contain links to other third party websites which are not owned or controlled by Dog Dayzz and Dog Dayzz makes no representations or warranties as to the completeness, accuracy or authenticity of any content, data, or information on such third party website. Any access to any third party website through this website or at all is at your own risk and cost. Dog Dayzz does not make any representations or warranties of any kind as to the Listing Content on this website and use or reliance of the same by you is at your own risk and cost and Dog Dayzz shall not be liable in any way for any Listing Content or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of any Listing Content displayed, listed, posted, emailed, or otherwise distributed or made available through this Website. You acknowledge that Dog Dayzz does not pre-screen or approve any Listing Content, but that Dog Dayzz shall have the right (but not the obligation) in its sole discretion to remove, refuse, delete or move any Listing Content on this website either for breaching the literal terms or spirit of this License Agreement or for any other reason whatsoever as deemed appropriate by Dog Dayzz in its sole discretion without remedy or compensation to you. Dog Dayzz is a gaming, listing, and social networking service and shall not have any responsibility for the content on this website or any transaction you may have with any third party, YOU MUST BE CAREFUL in any third party transaction and consider due diligence and obtaining independent legal advice regarding such transaction. You acknowledge that any third party transaction is at your sole risk and cost. You should be aware of and have the full responsibility for any applicable municipal, provincial or federal laws, regulations or policies that may apply to your Listing Content or any third party transaction. Nothing in this Agreement shall create or be deemed to create an agency, partnership, joint venture, employment, or franchise relationship between Dog Dayzz and you or any other party;

  • Under this License Agreement you shall not in any way use, copy, reproduce, modify, download, upload, transfer, redistribute, broadcast, display, post, print, access, view, decompile or reverse engineer any of the contents or Listing Content of this website except as expressly provided for by this License Agreement. This provision shall survive this Agreement;

  • This License Agreement is a limited, revocable, non-royalty, non-exclusive and non-transferable license; it does not result in any transfer of title or ownership of any interest in any property. This provision shall survive this Agreement;

  • By posting, listing, displaying, publishing or otherwise including any Listing Content on this website ("Posting Listing Content") you are granting Dog Dayzz a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, non-royalty license and right to use, display, publish, manipulate, and broadcast such Listing Content and to exercise any copyright or other intellectual property rights of that Listing Content and by Posting Listing Content you represent and warrant to Dog Dayzz that you have the right to grant to Dog Dayzz the foregoing license. This provision shall survive this Agreement; and

  • You shall not use this website or access to this website or post, email, upload, publish, broadcast, or otherwise make available on this website any information, data, file, program, code, text, picture, video, content, link, or Listing Content that is:
    • illegal, offensive, pornographic, harmful, abusive, hateful, degrading, defamatory, or libelous;
    • an infringement of any third party's property rights;
    • a breach of any third party's privacy;
    • violating any law of Canada;
    • impersonating any person or entity;
    • falsely or otherwise misrepresenting any affiliation or relationship with any third party or entity;
    • disclosing any personal or contact information of any third party without their express consent;
    • inaccurate, false, misleading, deceitful, deceptive or fraudulent;
    • containing any marketing, advertising, or solicitation information (unless expressly permitted in writing by Dog Dayzz) or that is considered spam, junk mail, or unsolicited advertisements;
    • advertising or howsoever promoting any illegal products, services or actions as prohibited by Canadian law;
    • containing any virus, worm, file, code or program that is malicious, destructive, or designed to destroy, interrupt, or limit the normal operation of any computer software, hardware or any related equipment or to destroy, modify, alter, copy, or retrieve any data or information;
    • designed to or results in excessive amount of content, Listing Content, or other data or information being posted or processed which overly taxes or floods this website and its normal operation;
    • displaying or otherwise representing false, deceptive, or misleading icons, banners, ads, links, logos, marks, or other identifiers to disguise the origin of any content, Listing Content, or other data or information;
    • using automated means (including files, programs, spiders, robots, worms, data mining etc) to upload or download any information or material or Listing Content or to gain unauthorized access to the website or the computer systems of Dog Dayzz or its providers; or
    • sending unsolicited emails, advertisements or other communications (spam etc) to this website, Dog Dayzz, or any users of this website or contacting any person who has not requested such communication or collecting any personal information for any commercial or unlawful purpose.
    This section shall survive this Agreement.

  • If you are an account holder or registered or unregistered user of this website then you represent and warrant that:
    • you are eighteen years of age (18) or older and are able to enter into this Agreement which shall be a legal and binding obligation upon you and your heirs, successors and permitted assigns;
    • any and all Listing Content or other content by you or your account shall be true, accurate, and complete;
    • you may receive a user account, password, or other account designation or information and you alone shall be responsible for the maintaining and managing the confidentiality, privacy and integrity of such information and for all use (authorized and unauthorized) and consequence, howsoever arising from, such use of the information . You agree to notify Dog Dayzz of any unauthorized use of or access to the Listing Content, your account or user information, or to this website.
  • In some cases use of this website shall allow Dog Dayzz to charge fees for specified products or services and such amounts shall be reviewable by you in order to confirm your acceptance of any such terms. All such fees are chargeable in Canadian Funds. Any fees chargeable hereunder may be modified upon notice to you by Dog Dayzz from time to time and all fees are non-refundable and due immediately. Any sales, excise or other taxes or any other charges imposed by any government authority are in addition to any fee payable by you. All sales are final. You may cancel or disable any account or Listing Content or Posting Listing Content at anytime provided that notwithstanding anything herein there shall be no refunds of any fees, charges, taxes, or other amounts paid. This provision shall survive this Agreement.
  • The contents of this website, including without limitation, any Listing Content, information, data or files, are provided on an "as is" or "as available" basis. Dog Dayzz makes no warranties, guarantees, representations or endorsements neither express nor implied, whatsoever including without limitation warranties of accuracy, completeness, reliability, non-infringement of any property rights, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Further, Dog Dayzz does not warrant or make any representation concerning any results or consequences from any use of the contents of this website or any other websites linked to this website. Dog Dayzz does not warrant or guarantee that the contents of this website or any other website linked to this website will be free of infection, viruses, worms, or any other manifestation in code or content which may contain destructive or harmful properties. Any inclusion in this website of any link to another website is not a warranty or endorsement of that other website which you use at your own risk. This provision shall survive this Agreement; and

  • Dog Dayzz reserves the right to modify, correct, add or remove any portion of the contents (including Listing Content) of this website in its sole discretion at any time, but is in no way obligated to do the same, without notice or compensation to you. This provision shall survive this Agreement.
  • In no event will the Dog Dayzz be liable for any damages or losses of any nature, type or kind (even where reasonably foreseen by Dog Dayzz), including without limitation any damages for loss of data, loss or interruption of profits, business, or information, arising out of any use, misuse, or inability to use this website, the contents of this website, or any site linked to this site or for the interruption, suspension, or termination of access to or the modification or alteration of this website, the contents of this website, or any third party website or link. Notwithstanding the foregoing should Dog Dayzz be found liable to you for any reason (including without limitation in tort, negligence, contract, or strict liability) such liability of Dog Dayzz shall be limited to the lesser of $50 Canadian Dollars or the total fees paid to Dog Dayzz by you during the 3 month period immediately prior to such liability becoming due. This provision shall survive this Agreement.
  • You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Dog Dayzz and its officers, directors, employees, agents, assigns, suppliers, affiliates and subsidiaries (all of which are Dog Dayzz for the purposes of this paragraph) from any loss or damage, any and all third party claims, demands, or actions, howsoever arising from your use of the website, your breach of this License Agreement, or your Posting Listing Content including those arising out of contract, tort, negligence, strict liability, or willful harm, or crimes by you, your employees, contractor or agents. This provision shall survive this Agreement.
  • The term of this License Agreement shall commence upon your acceptance of the terms and conditions hereof and subject to the provisions with respect to termination hereafter shall continue for a period as you have selected and actually paid for to Dog Dayzz;

  • This License Agreement shall immediately and automatically terminate without further notice or any other action upon:
    • the expiry of the term of this License Agreement;
    • any breach of any kind of any term or condition of this License Agreement;
    • the event that you become insolvent or make an assignment for the benefit of creditors or be adjudicated bankrupt or admit in writing your inability to pay your debts generally as the same became due or should any proceedings be instituted by you under any provincial, territorial or federal law for relief from debtors or for the appointment of a receiver, trustee or liquidator, or should a voluntary petition in bankruptcy or for a reorganization or for an adjudication of you as an insolvent or a bankrupt be filed, or should an attachment be levied upon your assets, then upon the occurrence of any such event Dog Dayzz shall have the right to immediately terminate this License Agreement; or
    • the receipt of a Notice at any time by either party given to the other party;

  • You agree that at anytime and for any reason Dog Dayzz, in its sole discretion, has the right (but not the obligation) to delete any or all Listing Content or deactivate your account, block your email or IP address, or otherwise terminate your access to or use of this website, any other website run or owned by Dog Dayzz, or any Listing Content (or any part thereof), immediately and without notice, and remove and discard any Listing Content, for any reason, including, without limitation, if Dog Dayzz believes that you have acted inconsistently with this License Agreement or any rules, or any terms of use of another website run or owned by Dog Dayzz, or policies contained therein, whether literally or in spirit. Further, you agree that Dog Dayzz shall not be liable to you or any third-party for any termination of your access to this website or any website or your Posting Listing Content. You shall not use or attempt to use the website after said termination. This provision shall survive this Agreement; and

  • Upon termination of this License Agreement you must immediately cease any and all use, including without limitation any viewing, printing, storing or downloading, and destroy all information, data, files, or any other contents down loaded or otherwise obtained from this website and any and all total or partial copies of the same in your possession whether in electronic or printed format. This provision shall survive this Agreement.
  • You shall only have one account or user login and you shall not assign or transfer any interest or obligation under this License Agreement, or any part thereof, to any third party without the prior written consent of the Dog Dayzz and any permitted assign or transfer shall not relieve you of any obligations under this License Agreement. You shall ensure that any assigns and successors comply with the terms and conditions of this License Agreement. Dog Dayzz may, in its sole discretion, assign or otherwise transfer any or all of its rights and obligations in and under this License Agreement and shall be released upon such assignment or transfer.
  • This License Agreement shall be binding upon and endure to the benefit of the parties and their heirs, executors, administrators, receivers, trustees, successors and permitted assigns.
  • No previous waiver, failure, or delay to exercise any right, provision or entitlement under this License Agreement shall be deemed to constitute a waiver or affect either party's right to strict performance of other or future obligations.
  • This License Agreement and all rights and obligations hereunder shall be governed by the laws, rules and regulations of the Province of Alberta, Canada.
  • The contents of this website, including without limitation all rights to and interests in any and all trademarks, trade names, copyrights, official marks, logos, insignia, crests and any other symbols of Dog Dayzz, and any compilation, selection, order and arrangements of those contents are owned by or licensed to Dog Dayzz and shall not be used in any way except as expressly set out in this License Agreement. All rights not granted expressly or by necessary implication by this License Agreement are expressly reserved to Dog Dayzz;

  • All information, material or data you provide to Dog Dayzz through the use of this website including without limitation any comments, remarks, suggestions, questions, ideas, images, graphics, will become the property of the Dog Dayzz without compensation to you, however you will remain legally responsible for whatever you submit including without limitation its legality, reliability, and copyright. You waive any and all moral rights in any submission to the Dog Dayzz through the use of this License Agreement.
  • This License Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties concerning the subject matter hereof and supersedes any other prior statements, representations, discussions, negotiations or agreements between the parties, whether written or oral.
  • In the event that any term or condition contained in this License Agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable by any competent authority with jurisdiction over the matter, that term or condition shall to that extent be severed from the remaining terms and conditions of this License Agreement which shall continue to be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent as permitted by law.
  • By using or accessing this website or by Posting Listing Content you agree that Dog Dayzz may collect, transfer, store, and otherwise use your personal information and may disclose such personal information to other third parties for commercial purposes or as required by law and including without limitation for the following purposes:
    • sending you information about our website;
    • confirmation communications;
    • processing payments;
    • receiving or providing feedback or comments;
    • posting Listing Content;
    • billing purposes;
    • enforcing this Licensing Agreement;
    • respond to claims of any kind including without limitation infringement of any property or privacy rights;
    • authenticating accounts; and
    • allowing your use of interactive games, forums, chat rooms, blogs, or posts on the website; and

  • Although Dog Dayzz makes every reasonable effort to provide a secure environment for the collection, transfer, storage and other use of your personal information (including third party processing of any credit card information), notwithstanding anything herein Dog Dayzz shall not be liable for any damages howsoever arising for the disclosure, invasion, corruption, transfer, publication, or distribution of your personal information and its security. Do not provide or post any personal information to Dog Dayzz or on this website that you do not wish to be disclosed to the public.
  • Except as explicitly stated otherwise, all notices shall be served on the parties to this License Agreement as follows:
    • TO Dog Dayzz: to the email address: admin@dogdayzz.com
    • TO YOU: to the email address you provide Dog Dayzz during the registration process
    Notice shall be deemed given 24 hours after email is sent, unless the sending party has actual knowledge that the email address is invalid. Alternatively, Dog Dayzz may give you notice by mail to the address provided during the registration process. In such case, notice shall be deemed given five days after the date of mailing of such notice ("Notice").