Welcome to the Quick Fire Tutorial!

Hey there!
I see you have stumbled across Dog Dayzz! Well… Welcome! You have just joined one of the best dog sims on the net! This is a quick start tutorial. It won’t explain everything, however it will explain enough to get you on your way in the game!
Dog Dayzz is a dog SIM game with many different factors, unique to other dog sims. You don't just create, breed, look after or show your own virtual dogs. More about this will be uncovered as you discover the game! The help board is always open if you have any more detailed questions.

Buying a dog!
Now that you have joined and found your way here you will want to buy a dog. You may buy a dog by clicking WALK followed by the ADOPT building. You will then see a form. Please fill in the appropriate boxes and adopt your puppy! I suggest that you buy ONE dog to start off with as money may be tight for awhile!! When buying a dog I suggest that you ADOPT a dog and not rescue one. When you adopt a dog it is a brand new puppy. A rescue dog has been owned by someone else before you. This dog may be underweight, very ill etc.. It is all 'round easier for a new member to start with an adopted dog whilst they learn the ropes of the game!

Now don’t you think you’re a little low on money? Well… make your way over to the bank! Click the WALK followed by the BANK building. This is your bank account! You will see on the right hand side some information. In one of those boxes it will state how much you have in your bank. That's it! We had some spare cash waiting for you since we knew you would be needing it! You can withdraw and deposit money by going to the table with the title of "Funds", writing in the amount of money in the box you'd like to withdraw/deposit and clicking the correct button if you want to withdraw or deposit and hit the "Transfer" button! Go on... Go ahead, withdraw some money if you need it! It's yours after all! :D

Now… Now that you've got a dog and have some extra money, it's time to get a job. You can get a job by going to WALK followed by the EMPLOYMENT building. You will see on this page a list of jobs you will be able to do! Hover over a "?" to find out more about the job; this tells you how much money you get, promotion etc... You can then scroll up and choose a job. Look at the promotion time! If it says 7 DAYS, you may come back, 7 days after and promote to a higher level/degree in the job you have taken up! This will earn you extra money ever week depending on your weekly salary.

Caring for your dogs!
If you have taken this tutorial step by step you will now already have a dog. Click the KENNEL link! Once in your Kennel, scroll over the "PUPPIES" tab and you will see your new dog(s). Click on your dogs name and scroll down. You will see your dog needs: Food, Water, Toy, Collar & Leash! You may buy all those things from the store by going to WALK and click on the building labeled DD Store. Make sure you go to your INVENTORY and equip these items to your dog. Then go back to your dog’s page. Each of the tabs offer different information. Scroll over them and take a look at what they offer. Your dog’s page also tells you important and vital information you will need to look after your dog correctly. You should feed, water, play and walk your dog, DAILY or they may become ill. Once you have done this you should take your dog to the vet. Go to WALK followed by the building labeled VET. Here you will be able to give your dog a checkup!

Ways to earn money!
Money may be tight when you first start off on the game. I am going to explain a few ways that you can earn money! You may get a job by following a chapter above that I have written. Depending what job you get they all give different incomes! You may play a game by going to WALK checking out the GAMES. There are other different ways to earn money too, by making pictures for people etc… but that is up to you if you want to go that way!!

DD Kennel Club!
DD Kennel Club is the Kennel Club on Dog Dayzz! You can access it here by going to WALK and clicking the DD KENNEL CLUB building. Here you may register your kennel, your dogs and your prefix. Registering your dogs is only necessary if you want to enter conformation shows. So to get the most out of some areas of the game, you will have to register your dogs here! If you register a prefix here and a kennel name and decide you don't like it anymore or fancy a change… you may come back and change these things!

This is the end of the quick fire tutorial! As I explained in the welcome part of this tutorial, it wasn't going to explain how to do everything, it was going to explain some of the basics of the game! It doesn't explain things such as breeding, showing etc… since you do not need these factors from the very start of game play! These things may be figured out when you have a grip on the game.

I have one more quest for you before you can say you have completed this tutorial and can say you have got yourself rolling! GO EXPLORE AND HAVE FUN! (oh and keep out of trouble! :D )

/Krazy (#7)